Bingo Plus is a flagship produt designed to bring class and style to any Bingo area.

Luxury Linked Bingo.

Customise the layout of Bingo Plus to make it fit perfectly.

Bingo Plus 19 isn’t just a bigger machine, it’s a bigger statement. We don’t want to sit comfortably on existing products when we can create even more reasons for customers to say yes to Bingo. With its 19-inch touch display Bingo Plus 19 displays beautiful high resolution graphics and even allows for full size Bingo cards and tickets.

As with Bingo Plus and GTab, we haven’t just left it at Bingo. Low tech Poker, Slots, Rapido and Tournaments are available, as well as high tech B3 content with 5-reels, Poker and Roulette perfect for the Casino environment.


Bingo Plus 19 is compatible with every other member of the Blis family including GTab, Bingo Plus, Bingo Link as well as running Bingo hand in hand with physical cards and tickets.

Bingo Plus now comes in a 13" screen placed in the centre of a beautiful table area.

Now available in a more compact 13" model with all the same features.

Main Features


- 19" or 13" Touch Screen Display

- MCB, Ticket & Linked Bingo

- Public Display System with Custom Adverts

- Slots, Poker & Rapido Bingo

- Bright LED Lights

- Tailored Table & Branded Seat Included

- Flexible Design & Layout

- Coin Mech

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