GTab is the best way to play Bingo and Slots on the move.

One GTab Cabinet can hold 20 Cat C/D GTab Tablets in the space of just one standard Slot Machine. The GTab Cabinet allows the user to choose a Tablet and carry out the transaction quickly, easily and independently using Coins or Notes. Cashing out is just as easy, with the user having to complete only two steps, Inserting the Tablet and then removing the Ticket. GTab comes loaded with Slots, Poker, Bingo Variants, 80 Number & 90 Number Bingo, Tournaments and even Linked Bingo.


To find out more about GTab or to arrange a demo, visit our enquiries page.


GTab is part of the Bingo BLIS family, so it’s compatible with all other BLIS family members.

Main Features


- 19" Kiosk Touch Screen Display

- 10" Tablet Touch Screen Display

- MCB, Ticket & Linked Bingo

- Public Display System with Custom Adverts

- Slots, Poker & Rapido Bingo

- Bright LED Lights

- Minimal Space Required

- Self Service Process

GTab Lite. Even More Compact.

GTab Lite is the most compact way of offering large volumes of Bingo and Slot positions

Up to 10 GTab Tablets can fit into each Charge Rack which is as small as a standard Desktop PC. The Tablets themselves include a high resolution 10-inch touch display with a battery life of up to 8 hours and a short charge time of just 2 hours.


Each Tablet is classed as one Category C or Category D gaming machine depending on your choice of configuration. Aside from allowing your customers more variety and mobility, GTab Lite gives you the opportunity to benefit from increased B3 allocation and/or 5% MGD.


Keeping the entire system compact has also allowed us to offer GTab Lite at an extremely low price.

Main Features


- PC sized 10 slot charging rack

- 10" Tablet Touch Screen Display

- MCB, Ticket & Linked Bingo

- Slots, Poker & Rapido Bingo

- Minimal Space Required

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