PlusTab fits directly onto your existing fruit machines.


PlusTab takes advantage of Wexel’s powerful BLIS system, packing in the latest Bingo and Slots content and the ability to play the fast-growing Blis Linked Bingo. The Cat C content ranges from lo-tech Slots to Rapido Bingo and Poker Plus, all of which can also be set to Cat D to take advantage of the low 5% MGD.


Power consumption has also been addressed in the design of PlusTab. Both hardware and software features combine to create the most power efficient fixed base slot machine available from Wexel Gaming, resulting in the absolute minimum impact to your energy bills.


With low power consumption and zero floor space required, PlusTab is also the perfect product for making Linked Bingo available in locations short of space. Blis Linked Bingo is growing into the most sophisticated Link system designed for the High Street, eliminating the need for more than one or two players and offering a true Bingo experience to customers with the ability to up-spend and win larger prizes. All of these features fused together into an inexpensive device create a whole new market for your machine players, allowing them to enjoy Slots and Bingo without having to move an inch.

PlusTab Positions fit directly onto your existing fruit machines.

GTab is part of the Bingo BLIS family, so it’s compatible with all other BLIS family members.

Main Features


- 10" Touch Screen Display

- MCB, Ticket & Linked Bingo

- Public Display System with Custom Adverts

- Cat C/D Slots & Poker

- Zero Floor Space Required

- Custom Logo Engraving

- Low Power Consumption

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